Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Journy to Japan and to Hiroshima films festival - summery

It's been 3 weeks since I'm in Israel, and the taste of Japan have not yet pass away from me.
Here I put the photos and what I wrote in Facebook about the trip - during the trip - the posts of facebook. BUT
it's all in Hebrew! These who like to read about the animation festival and my visit to Japan are more than welcome :)
and your comments are important to me also. please comment!
So, you can read about Japan and what I think about the animation in Israel and the animation world aboard.

My blog - the trip to Japan and to the Hiroshima films festival

click the link It's in Hebrew!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hiroshima animation films festival - NEXOS point

This august I intend to present my project "Holy land's landscapes" at Hiroshima animation films festival .

I prepared a little presentation about the project. It's in Japanese and English
and you can see BETA version of it here.
Hope this project will be more clear to all the followers people aboard!

The poster to copro - market 5/2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

The interactive internet site.. and how is going to be!

Undoubtedly an interactive website must be online and function as a website, clickable, hot and interactive, but here I created a demo to depict what the site will look like. Everything is but a conceptual sketch, except the sketched segments will be animated by an animator who has yet to be chosen  (not me). The animation footage in the old market in Rishon Lezion will convey the vibrancy of the market in a unique and poetic way. The incorporation of still photos from actual reality, with texts (in various languages – English, Hebrew, Japanese, etc...). The shift between photos and animated footage will be performed interactively with the user’s mouse. Or, as an option, at the website’s discretion – i.e., as a viewable film. Both options remain open to me and will be executed in technical cooperation with the website programmer.
This is an example of how part of the old market in Rishon Lezion will look and will undoubtedly relate with the film “Cats in the Holy Land” and sites adjacent to Rishon Lezion such as the Haviv school and the Rishon Lezion Museum. (One can tour them interactively as well).

To watch the demo and get the password please contact me by email
this is a work file only!
The old market of Rishon LeZion-site on VIMEO

this text in Jepanese:




and here some work process on a background to the market - looking forward to the presentation in Hiroshima films festival this augost!

In the back it's going to be animation!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

The old market of Rishon Le Zion

Background for the interactive website, Rishon Lezion – the old market.

About the work process on the interactive website for the “Landscapes of the Holy Land” project. There will undoubtedly be documentary films I created in every city (Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv and Haifa) but also places in the cities that are physically related, i.e., a walking distance from where the film is shot. “Cats of the Holy Land” that was shot by the old market in Rishon Lezion and next to the big synagogue, the Haviv school (the first Hebrew school) and the Rishon Lezion museum will play an interactive part on the site and the cellular app with which users can get to know the land of Israel and the city they’re “touring”. This is where the interactive part about the market in Rishon Lezion which is destined to be torn down by the municipality and has its own charm comes in. It is a walking distance from the location “Cats of the Holy Hand” is shot and is a unique perspective on Israel and its sites.

This is some of the work process. Everything is not ready yet, but this is some of the BG to the interactive site about Rishon Le Zion.

Onions in the old market of Rishon Le zion

Line of Photoshop

The picture for the reference

drawing of the old market

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Station in Haifa The film!

I think about sending it to " Haifa film festival". Should they like the film about the railway station in their city? But it's not finished yet- I didn't do the animation part yet. It's suppose to be in the end, some 2-3 minutes maybe about the birds that celebrating around or about the soldiers that are waiting.. and It's going to be a work of one of my collegue - a different animation film maker.

Director, photographer, script, editor: Ronit Zerony
Music: Ophir Gal
09:27 minutes Hebrew (generally without words)

Station in Haifa on Vimeo

Old market of Rishon LeZion- BG to the interactive site

This is the shot for reference of the colours and shadows

and this was drawen by pencil then digitally painted in photoshop cs4

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The holyland's landscapes concept

With connection to the middle east and the conflict between arabic and Israel the beeies and the butterflies and the cats enjoy the Israeli sun.

Israel is known with her great history and culture with her beautiful landscapes, and influence on nature and people. These movies show to you the behavior of cats and beeies and butterflies in their places of their livings in Israel. The Middle East known by his conflicts. Wars varied people and interesting situations. These documentaries movies that I shot are about animals and people in their places and people in Israel  in  interesting and delightful situations these situations connected to the place. for example:

The Holyland's Cats
In a middle town in Israel Rishon LeZion a gang of cats eat  and lay in the sun. while people doing their shoppings in the next old city market.

The Holyland white cabbage butterflies
In a middle town in Israel  Rishon Le Zion a bunch of white cabbage butterflies fly in the field. The sun is warming the air.

Sacred places in four cities Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Jericho and Rishon le Zion
Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv the Mediterranean Sea   shore in Tel Aviv, the wall in Jerusalem Rishon Le Zion and the arab in Jericho.

The Time feeling in the railway station in Haifa
In a railway station in the town Haifa near the Dagan grinder   a wild doves eat corn seeds.while the soldiers waits to the train

Tel Aviv demonstration
Israelis and foreigner are fighting for their rights in kikar rabin to the blvd Iven gevirol the people demonstrate.

These short  documentaries lets the scopes to see a beauty corner of  holy land in a fresh and delightful look. To unhide from us the uniqueness of Israel.
The films would be also a 60 min DVD including a very short films about nature and Israel with the animation parts. An interactive site with information about more places in the cities (with cooperation of the cities municipalities, rishon le zion museum manager, and more. Also
Maps of the places, photos, drawings, animations and close businesses that will pay for the links to their sites and information. |(that will be part of the financiers)
A cellular app for Iphone that will include the cities maps, links to the movies and animations, close businesses to the shooting place , information about historical close places and with GPS will calculate the user's place and offer him to visit near historical places and businesses in the city-in Israel like restaurants, coffee shops and barber and more that will pay for the links. (part of the financiers)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Drawings from the old market

I prefer to draw instead of taking picture in the cellular camera. cause I don't use  brushes and paint any more but do the drawings and then I go to the computer. In drawing with brushes you can always choose how it looks. But the computer has it's advantegaes also. So I draw and then shoot for reference to see the colours and the shadows. after that I paint in photoshop.
This will be on the interactive internet site , everthing will be animated!
Onions in the old market-for reference of the colors and shadows

Drawing by pencil 30-5-2016

The old market - internet site

Next to the movie "The holyland's cats" that I shot in Rishon LeZion
stands the old market of Rishon Le Zion that the municapality wants to destroy it.
The market is very old, and I remember my mom  and I  doing shopping there.
The internet site will include drawings from sites in Rishon, so I drew some. Everthing will be with animations and I see these drawings as  backgrounds to the site and to the animations of the people in the market that  shop there.That will be interactive like a game. and I also have voice over of a seller man from the BASTA that tells the story of the market. Everything happens near the movie "The holyland's cats"The holyland's cats that I shot near the old market in  Rishon.. and everthing will show the audience what Rishon Le Zion is like.
This is the "BASTA" for reference of the colours
And it's not finished. painted in photoshop

I do everything in digital painting. First I do the cleaning of the line. in photoshop.

Thoughts about the cellular revolution

Some thoughts about the cellular revolution

me and a friend in the old market Rishon LeZion

lunch in the old market Rishon

כמה מחשבות על המהפכה הסלולרית

פעם כשסיימתי את הלימודים בבצלאל, בשנת 2000 כדי לצלם סרט היה צריך לשכור צלם ומצלמה וללכת ללוקיישין ולצלם ואז לערוך וכו'
היום, אני יושבת בשוק הישן בראשון, אחרי שציירתי את הפירות והירקות ומחזיקה בידי, מצלמה סלולרית משוכללת, באיכות  שאפשר לצלם איתה סרטים לאינטרנט, בצורה מיידית ומהירה. אפילו המצלמה הקידמית שלה באיכות8 מגה פיקסל שמאפשר לי להוציא תמונות טובות גם בפרונט. שלא לדבר על איכות הוידאו. כשלמדתי באוניברסיטה היה צריך סוני פי.די.150כדי לצלם סרט והיה צריך לחכות בתור בשבילה  

 והיום יש לי מצלמה משוכללת בכף ידי

וזה בהקשר של הסרט " האריות של ירושלים" שצילמתי בחצי יום , לבד בירושלים וערכתי במשך שבוע. רק חסרה עריכת סאונד באולפן ןהסרט גמור. אכן, מדהים. עוד לא פתרתי את איכות הקלטת הסאונד הבינונית, אבל זה בהמשך

When I finished my studies in Bezalel- academy of art and design in 2000, To make a film you needed to rent photographer and a good camera and to go to location and then shoot and edit etc..
And Today, I'm sitting in the old market in Rishon LeZion , after I painted the fruits and vegetables and holding in my hand, a very good cellular camera in HD quality  ,so that I can make films on the internet. In a very fast and immediate way.
Even it's front camera is 8MP quality that's make it possible to make good photos in the front. and I'm not talking about the video quality!
When I studied in the university you needed SONY PD150 to shoot a movie and we have to wait to it in the long queue..
Today I have good camera in my hands.

This  is with the connection to the  film "Lions of Jerusalem" that I shot in a half  a day, in Jerusalem and edited it within  one week. I just need sound editing in a studio and the film is finished.
It's really amazing. But I have not yet solve  the  sound medium recording quality , but this will be in the future..